Buy to Let
Property Investment

The simplest definition of a buy-to-let property is derived directly from its name – it is a property that an investor buys with the intention to rent it out to tenants. The ultimate goal is to yield a profit as a result of the investment.

Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge of the specific ways this type of property market functions, Seed is able to identify which are the most attractive properties based on objective criteria such as location, demand, surrounding infrastructure and development potential.

Buy-to-let property investment benefits

Buy-to-let property investment is a lucrative section of the property market if managed properly. Being a landlord is practically running a small business that bears certain legal responsibilities. The legal advisors, tax specialists, and accountants, Seed partners with means that we have the proper experts at our side to navigate through the sometimes bumpy road of buy-to-let property investment. We have the expertise to face any issue that may arise from such a deal and try to divert it to our benefit.

In our attempt to achieve capital uplift, here at Seed we select the best buy-to-let properties for an investment based on the high demand for rental properties. We choose those areas where supply is low and strive to place a unique and attractive offer on the market to secure that property.

We are aware of the benefits and downsides of managing a buy-to-let property and we draw knowledge from our experience on the market when selecting a suitable deal to be included in our investment package. Each property is thoroughly surveyed by the various specialists who are part of our team or our partners prior to being approved.

The greatest benefit of buy-to-let properties is that they can secure a decent ROI if properly selected and managed, especially on a flourishing property market.